Aggressive Negotiations

Session 1

Everyone Please Stop Hurting Yourselves

Fabio (Aiden), Jesus (Jack), and Brucely (Grant) coincidentally arrived at a protest of a Planned Parenthood clinic at exactly the same time, each passing through for various different reasons. Out-of-place-looking members of the crowd seemed to notice the ring, then raised a strange sign that turned the protest into a riot. They assualted the ring with a variety of strange objects, including a ghostly chain and a camera with an eye. The ring felt a rush of aether before scaring off the thugs, though not without sustaining heavy injuries. Fabio was taken to a hospital, as was one of the thugs, while Brucely managed to chase down and capture another thug in an impressive display of athleticism. Several of the group’s odd items were also acquired.

Jesus and Brucely interrogated the captured thug, learning that he was a stigmatic and a Son of Liberty. They also learned that the next planned assault was on the Spy Museum, as it was apparently infrastructure. They scoped the place out, identifying large quantities of aether in the James Bond car and smaller quantities around a strange film real that made people seem oddly zombie-like. Meanwhile, Fabio had his mob contacts investigate the thug who had been hospitalized. He was apparently petty officer Brad Goodman, a member of the U.S. navy currently working in DC’s naval yard. He had a previous incident on his record of attempting to steal “military supplies,” and had recently become an active member of Fiery Revelation Baptist Church. Fabio also received a Pony Express message, telling the ring to be at the Central Metro Station at 11:43 pm.

Brucely elected to break into the Spy Museum to disrupt the infrastructure. Unfortunately, he soon encountered an angel. He was able to fight it off, but was badly injured in the process, and the only fruit of his labor was the engine of the Bond car, which was awash with aether and continued to run even when removed from the car itself. Jesus, being the only uninjured member of the ring, went to the metro station alone, where he was told to cross into Hamilton. There he met representatives of the Lobbyists, who had arranged for his passage into Hamilton in order to have a secure meeting. They confirmed that the Sons of Liberty were responsible for the riot, and expressed concerns that the group was now setting up other demons to take the fall for their brazen attacks, apparently using a gadget they had constructed to bring demons to the attacks. The ring was asked to deal with the Sons of LIberty, and was promised compensation. Jesus then left Hamilton.

Meanwhile Fabio, still in the hospital, was arrested for illegal firearms possesion. He was able to pull some strings and get the charges dropped by contacting a vampire, but in exchange he is expected to burn down the religious site of a rival group of vampires. He also acquired some useful information about the Sons of Liberty. Jesus, meanwhile, made contact with a senator in order to promote his plan for renovation of the impoverished Pomotac Mills district, only getting through to the man when promising favors from the triad.



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