Aggressive Negotiations

Session 3
Welcome to Beautiful Wyoming!

Brucely (Grant) attempted to retrieve his library book from Hu Wen Hao (Jacob), who had no idea what he was talking about. Jesus (Jack) arranged for the Senator to move forward with his redistricting plan in exchange for triad thugs dealing with a troublesome PAC in the Senator’s home state. Jesus met with Hu Wen Hao, requesting for the latter’s triad connections to arrange for the PAC attack, promising an underground casino in exchange. While there, Jesus traded a key chain of his for Brucely’s book. He then went on to donate the book to a charity, where it was given to an impoverished child. Brucely again met with Hu Wen Hao, this time learning that the book was gone, traded for the key chain (though not learning who did the trading). The key chain bore the name “Little Hoof,” and misinformation from Hu Wen Hao coupled with correct information from Jesus led Brucely to drag the whole group to Wyoming.

The journey to Wyoming took several days and accomplished absolutely nothing. On returning, Brucely learned the true location of his book and consequentially stole it from the aforementioned impoverished child. Hu Wen Hao discovered that a number of his triad had been replaced by animated wax figures, though only the demons seemed to notice. The ring also learned that the Sons of Liberty had already attacked Madame Tussaud’s, although the assault did not seem like it had been successful.

The ring received a message to meet with somebody at the Planned Parenthood clinic where everything started, though only Hu Wen Hao showed up. This “somebody” turned out to be Mr. Shipman, the demon who had been present at the Spy Museum. He revealed that he had been kicked out of the Sons for the catastrophe that had occurred there and also shared a large amount of Intel on the Sons before fleeing to Hamilton.

At this point, the ring resolved to take out the infrastructure at Madame Tussaud’s, as Hu Wen Hao’s wax man problem was getting pretty creepy. They discovered that all of the wax figures in the building animated in response to anyone attempting to open a door that shouldn’t have existed. Obviously, they decided that the best way to remove this obstacle was to crash a car rigged with explosives through the front door. This destroyed most of the wax guards, freeing the group to travel through the impossible door and down into the infrastructure.

The ring was greeted by the sight of a facility containing countless vats of molten wax, many of which also seemed to house people. Hu Wen Hao and Brucely turned to fight off a couple of half melted wax figures that had managed to pursue the group while Jesus searched for a way to destroy the facility. Ultimately, Jesus was successful, but not before a half-melted Michael Jordan drove Hao’s own sword through his heart, killing him.

The surviving members of the ring dragged Hao’s body out of the crumbling facility, only to be met by the police who were investigating the explosion. The corpse was taken away by paramedics in a futile rescue attempt, though Brucely managed to keep a hold of Hao’s embedded sword as he and Jesus were arrested.

Session 2
Mistakes Were Made

Genos (Oliver) decided to meet with the Senator in order to convince him to rezone Potomac Mills into a commercial district, as this would benefit his company. Fabio (Aiden) decided to scope out the location he had been told to burn down, discovering it to be a warehouse guarded by two thugs and their dog. There, he meet a much smaller dog named Spot that revealed himself to be a telepathic cryptid with ties to the Lobbyists. Hu Wen Hao (Jacob) made a pact with an old man, improving bolstering his cover with a heroin addiction. Brucely (Grant), meanwhile, decided he wanted to become the leader of the circus, and thus went to a library, borrowed a children’s book about Chinese circuses, and became very confused.

Hu Wen Hao decided to interrogate the captured stigmatic from the riot, reaffirming that the Sons of Liberty have ties to both the DC naval yard and Fiery Revelation Baptist Church, yet also learning that they had connections to “some club, a brimstone something.” Hu Wen Hao and Brucely opted to investigate the church, breaking in on a Thursday night, while Fabio searched for the right club and Genos pursued his personal agenda with the Senator.

Breaking in to the empty church materials for a club called the Brimstone Palace, owned by a man named Richard Hill, who was connected to the pastor in some way. The pastor also kept an enigmatic list of names, some marked with circles, some marked with circles and x’s, others left unmarked.

With the full name of the club now known, Fabio went to investigate. He was able to talk his way into the VIP area, bluffing his way into a meeting of a group of punks in said VIP area discussing what were apparently Sons of Liberty plots. They mentioned a group blowing up the Spy Museum the next day, apparently accompanied by a “big guy” named Mr. Shipman, while the present company was to attack Madame Tussaud’s a week from Friday, when they would have “the phone.” Fabio’s eavesdropping was cut short by the arrival of another punk, who recognized Fabio as not a member of the Son’s of Liberty. Liberal use of demonic form abilities allowed him to escape, although certainly not without making himself memorable.

The next day was supposed to be when the Spy Museum was attacked. Hu Wen Hao called up some of his dirty cop contacts, using them to guard the museum against potential bombing threats. Fabio and Hu Wen Hao took control of the security office of the building, gaining access to the cameras, while Brucely, Genos, and Hu Wen Hao’s lackey Mr. Kang watched the entrance. The ring noticed four navy guys, three with suspicious looking backpacks, enter the building and move towards the Bond car. A quick word from Hu Wen Hao had the cops searching the suspicious characters, but the three with bags handed the bags to the one without, who the cops failed to take notice of. Brucely resolved to force the issue, attempting to rip the bags from the man’s hands. He successful dislodged two, but they contained nothing suspicious. Hu Wen Hao took a sword to the last bag, which also proved to be entirely unremarkable. The navy group seemed to share smug satisfaction at the frustration of the ring, which made nearly everyone return to their posts while Hu Wen Hao left to shoot up heroin.

Moments later, one more suspicious looking navy guy entered the museum, earning the attention of both the ring and the mannequin angel. The ring (minus Hu Wen Hao) and the navy guys both moved to converge on the newcomers location, which was near the infrastructure film, as the angel vanished. The newcomer pulled a strange looking cellphone from his pocket, which Genos promptly lit on fire with a very successful use of an embed. This caused a wave of aether to overtake the museum as the phone was destroyed, causing glitches to manifest in all of the ring (as well as one of the navy guys) and many of the museum patrons apparently became stigmatic. The angel promptly murdered the man who had been in possession of the phone, and the ring decided to beat a hasty retreat.

Genos and Brucely were able to escape without much incident, but Fabio and Hu Wen Hao discovered the angel to be blocking the exit. Fabio used his demonic form to phase through the wall and reach safety, while Hu Wen Hao assumed most of his form in order to fly out the exit and shrug off the angel’s attacks. Such brazen displays of power do not go unnoticed…

Session 1
Everyone Please Stop Hurting Yourselves

Fabio (Aiden), Jesus (Jack), and Brucely (Grant) coincidentally arrived at a protest of a Planned Parenthood clinic at exactly the same time, each passing through for various different reasons. Out-of-place-looking members of the crowd seemed to notice the ring, then raised a strange sign that turned the protest into a riot. They assualted the ring with a variety of strange objects, including a ghostly chain and a camera with an eye. The ring felt a rush of aether before scaring off the thugs, though not without sustaining heavy injuries. Fabio was taken to a hospital, as was one of the thugs, while Brucely managed to chase down and capture another thug in an impressive display of athleticism. Several of the group’s odd items were also acquired.

Jesus and Brucely interrogated the captured thug, learning that he was a stigmatic and a Son of Liberty. They also learned that the next planned assault was on the Spy Museum, as it was apparently infrastructure. They scoped the place out, identifying large quantities of aether in the James Bond car and smaller quantities around a strange film real that made people seem oddly zombie-like. Meanwhile, Fabio had his mob contacts investigate the thug who had been hospitalized. He was apparently petty officer Brad Goodman, a member of the U.S. navy currently working in DC’s naval yard. He had a previous incident on his record of attempting to steal “military supplies,” and had recently become an active member of Fiery Revelation Baptist Church. Fabio also received a Pony Express message, telling the ring to be at the Central Metro Station at 11:43 pm.

Brucely elected to break into the Spy Museum to disrupt the infrastructure. Unfortunately, he soon encountered an angel. He was able to fight it off, but was badly injured in the process, and the only fruit of his labor was the engine of the Bond car, which was awash with aether and continued to run even when removed from the car itself. Jesus, being the only uninjured member of the ring, went to the metro station alone, where he was told to cross into Hamilton. There he met representatives of the Lobbyists, who had arranged for his passage into Hamilton in order to have a secure meeting. They confirmed that the Sons of Liberty were responsible for the riot, and expressed concerns that the group was now setting up other demons to take the fall for their brazen attacks, apparently using a gadget they had constructed to bring demons to the attacks. The ring was asked to deal with the Sons of LIberty, and was promised compensation. Jesus then left Hamilton.

Meanwhile Fabio, still in the hospital, was arrested for illegal firearms possesion. He was able to pull some strings and get the charges dropped by contacting a vampire, but in exchange he is expected to burn down the religious site of a rival group of vampires. He also acquired some useful information about the Sons of Liberty. Jesus, meanwhile, made contact with a senator in order to promote his plan for renovation of the impoverished Pomotac Mills district, only getting through to the man when promising favors from the triad.


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