Identified Angels


Metatron is the most powerful angel in the city and has existed for hundreds of years. To those intent on remaining in their home dimension, Metatron may as well not exist. To those intending to cross over, or those who already have crossed over, Metatron is a relentless mass of gears, wings, fire, eyes, and teeth.

The Agent

Much more human than Metatron, the Agent appears as a tall man with graying hair, always in a suit and sunglasses. He seems to belong to every government agency there is, or at least every agency that it would be inconvenient for him to be in. He is a hunter angel, turning the investigative powers of various government agenciens on suspected demons, slowly eroding their cover until, desperate, his victims make the mistake of confronting him directly.

Quorum has been embedded in the Senate by the God-Machine. His appearance and his story have changed throughout the years, and yet they stay remarkably the same. He’s always one of the oldest senators still around, but never the oldest. He’s always a fixture, big enough so that no one questions his presence, yet not so big that the spotlight turns on him. His purpose is, unfortunately, not clear, although most assume that he exists to nudge the Senate in the directions the God-Machine chooses.

Congressmen Ulysses Ironside
In the House, there used to be an angel equivalent to Quorum, always a veteran politician. However, he eventually came to only represent southern states. Eventually, he seemed to flesh out his role beyond the minimum, going from “that old southern congressman” to Ulysses Ironside. He is the first one to say that he has landed himself firmly in the territory of being an exile, and that his fall is not far away. He is on the lookout for demons who can help him prepare for his inevitable fall, and a favor from him can go a long way…

Identified Angels

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