Parallel Worlds


Washington DC was created as a perfect diamond 10 miles long on each side. In 1846, the piece of land that Virginia had donated to the city returned to Virginia, breaking the diamond. Most demons believe that this “retrocession” was an occult matrix and created a split in the timeline, generating the twin worlds of Jefferson and Hamilton. Portals between the worlds did not appear until after the diamond was broken, and the histories of the two worlds seem identical up until that point. While the demons in Jefferson met the appearance of Hamilton with a cautious curiosity, Hamiltonians immediately assumed that Jefferson was a God-Machine construct and began to wage a shadow war on the other world. Eventually the war ended, if only because both sides lost more agents to the God-Machine than to each other, but tensions have remained between the two worlds ever since.

How It Works

Portals between the two worlds can be difficult to use. The locations of portals never change, as far as anyone can tell. Unfortunately, they aren’t always open, but they are usually defended. The angel Metatron patrols the border between the worlds, seeking keep demons (and possibly people) in their native worlds. Even if Metatron is avoided, travel can still be dangerous, as the worlds have nasty tendency to “reject” foreigners, making it seem as though the universe is conspiring to kill them. This effect can be warded enough with aether or sheer force of will, but becomes stronger the further one moves from an open portal, effectively limiting interdimensional travel to the D.C. area. Despite this, demons still find excuses to travel between the worlds. The most common reason for traveling is the rumor that covers built from the other world are unnaturally reselient. In their travels, Demons have noticed that mortals seem to always have a mirror in the other world, but angels and demons almost never do.


As neither world could be determined to be “the original,” they were eventually given names befitting the city in order to tell them apart. Jefferson is your native world. Politics and conflict (both mortal and demonic) tend to be much murkier here than in Hamilton, and the gentrification of the city has been a slow but inevitable process over the past few years.


Hamilton is much more conflict prone than Jefferson. Here, the Civil War lasted longer, the Civil Rights Movement started later, and instead of ending the Cold War has reached a fever pitch. Politics here are more polarized, so is the city at large. There is a stark, violent divide between the rich and the poor in Hamilton, and as opposed to gentrifying like Jefferson, that divide only seems to grow over time. The Patriots have the demonic side of Hamilton firmly in their iron grip.

Parallel Worlds

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