Aggressive Negotiations

Session 3

Welcome to Beautiful Wyoming!

Brucely (Grant) attempted to retrieve his library book from Hu Wen Hao (Jacob), who had no idea what he was talking about. Jesus (Jack) arranged for the Senator to move forward with his redistricting plan in exchange for triad thugs dealing with a troublesome PAC in the Senator’s home state. Jesus met with Hu Wen Hao, requesting for the latter’s triad connections to arrange for the PAC attack, promising an underground casino in exchange. While there, Jesus traded a key chain of his for Brucely’s book. He then went on to donate the book to a charity, where it was given to an impoverished child. Brucely again met with Hu Wen Hao, this time learning that the book was gone, traded for the key chain (though not learning who did the trading). The key chain bore the name “Little Hoof,” and misinformation from Hu Wen Hao coupled with correct information from Jesus led Brucely to drag the whole group to Wyoming.

The journey to Wyoming took several days and accomplished absolutely nothing. On returning, Brucely learned the true location of his book and consequentially stole it from the aforementioned impoverished child. Hu Wen Hao discovered that a number of his triad had been replaced by animated wax figures, though only the demons seemed to notice. The ring also learned that the Sons of Liberty had already attacked Madame Tussaud’s, although the assault did not seem like it had been successful.

The ring received a message to meet with somebody at the Planned Parenthood clinic where everything started, though only Hu Wen Hao showed up. This “somebody” turned out to be Mr. Shipman, the demon who had been present at the Spy Museum. He revealed that he had been kicked out of the Sons for the catastrophe that had occurred there and also shared a large amount of Intel on the Sons before fleeing to Hamilton.

At this point, the ring resolved to take out the infrastructure at Madame Tussaud’s, as Hu Wen Hao’s wax man problem was getting pretty creepy. They discovered that all of the wax figures in the building animated in response to anyone attempting to open a door that shouldn’t have existed. Obviously, they decided that the best way to remove this obstacle was to crash a car rigged with explosives through the front door. This destroyed most of the wax guards, freeing the group to travel through the impossible door and down into the infrastructure.

The ring was greeted by the sight of a facility containing countless vats of molten wax, many of which also seemed to house people. Hu Wen Hao and Brucely turned to fight off a couple of half melted wax figures that had managed to pursue the group while Jesus searched for a way to destroy the facility. Ultimately, Jesus was successful, but not before a half-melted Michael Jordan drove Hao’s own sword through his heart, killing him.

The surviving members of the ring dragged Hao’s body out of the crumbling facility, only to be met by the police who were investigating the explosion. The corpse was taken away by paramedics in a futile rescue attempt, though Brucely managed to keep a hold of Hao’s embedded sword as he and Jesus were arrested.



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