The Lobbyists

A temporal agency, the Lobbyists have tied themselves to the government and to their namesakes. They are power-brokers, making pacts with those who want influence and making deals with those who already have it. They are the most visible, if not the most powerful, agency in the city, in part because they make it their business to know every demon in the city. However, they do have their limits. They have been unable to extend their reach into Hamilton.

The Border Patrol

Travel between Jefferson and Hamilton is dangerous. Even if you manage to track down a portal and avoid Metatron, chances are good you will run afoul of local demonic politics. This is where the Border Patrol come in. Largely composed of Inquisitors, this agency dedicates itself to knowing everything there is to know about crossing between worlds. The care they take in cataolguing the portals is rivaled only by the zeal with which they track Metatron. They have a presence in both worlds, but are more present in Hamilton. This suits them, as it helps them to smooth at the political hazards of travel. They can arrange for (relatively) safe transportation between Jefferson and Hamilton, but they never do it for free.

The Patriots

The Patriots control Hamilton. They formed in response to the creation of the parallel worlds, thinking that Jefferson was some sort of God-Machine plot, and managed to mobilize all of Hamilton’s demons against the new “threat.” Even after hostilities died down, the residents of Hamilton remained distrustful of Jefferson. The Patriots capitalize on and encourage the xenophobia and fear of their local demons, sometimes turning it against the God-Machine, sometimes turning it against other demons, but always using it to keep themselves on top.

The Pony Express

The Pony Express have set themselves up as a neutral agency in Jefferson. They are primarily couriers, delivering messages and packages so that demons can communicate and coordinate without having to risk face-to-face contact or compromised communications. Recently, however, the rise of Dot Com has lead to a slow but steady decline.

Dot Com

Dot Com is a new and unique agency. It is exclusively online and entirely anonymous. It serves as a forum for demons to communicate, whether this means planning assaults on infrastructure or just chatting in an open and honest way. It provides a new, secure means of connecting with the rest of the city, and there are no obligations for membership. In fact, it’s entirely possible that every demon in the city uses Dot Com, but the only one known to take any official action for the agency is its mysterious moderator, “R.”

The Sons of Liberty

The Sons of Liberty are very new, seemingly small, and incredibly unpopular insurgent agency. Nearly all of their operations are loud and violent, with numerous casualties and angels following in their wake. They lack discretion, god they lack subtlety, and thanks to the previous two they desperately lack friends, at least among demons. Despite, or perhaps because of, their unpopularity, they tend to employ more stigmatics than most other agencies (for their size, anyway).


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